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Preventing Problems, Pleasing Smiles

Complete Care at Every Stage

As a family dental office, it’s our job to ensure each and every patient that comes through our doors leaves with a plan to promote oral health and maintain a brilliant smile that radiates with vitality. Dr. Jeffrey LaMura and his team are ready to help you get the most of your smile, with a wide range of general dentistry services.

Prevention is Key

For the average patient, we find that prevention is the key to a lifetime of oral health. By stopping problems before they start, we protect your teeth and gums and keep your smile feeling healthy and looking great. That’s why we offer pre-emptive protective measures such as sports mouthguards for children and nightguards for grinding, as well as fluoride treatments and screenings for gum disease and oral cancer.

So what if a problem has already started? Don’t worry. If you’re a routine patient, we’ll likely detect the problem early enough to intervene. New Patient? Our wide range of treatment options cover every level of dental problems, from the simple to the more complex. Our skilled hygienists are available to discuss your hygiene habits and show you the proper way to brush and floss, because once you have a great smile, you need to know how to maintain it. We strive to keep decay away from your teeth and ensure your entire mouth, from your gums to your teeth, function properly. Get the smile you deserve.

Comprehensive Exams

During your first visit to our office, we’ll provide a comprehensive exam, including x-rays, cleaning, and an oral cancer screening. This exam allows us to assess your current oral health, identify any tooth problems, and develop a plan to improve your smile and help you achieve all of your dental goals. We’ll repeat these exams as needed, if you experience major changes to your oral health.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Success in the treatment of oral cancer relies, in part, on early detection. The earlier the disease is discovered and treated, the better. We use visual and manual screening methods to search for abnormal tissues of the cheeks, tongue, and gums. We also offer additional screening with Vizilite, a fluorescent light that can aid in the detection of abnormal tissue. Though tobacco and alcohol use are risk factors of oral cancer, anyone can develop the disease.


In order to make your smile shine on the surface, we need to be able to see under the surface. Our high-resolution digital x-rays deliver detailed images that allow us to detect problems not otherwise visible. We use the Diagnodent Caries Detection system, which can spot weak areas and cavities under the surface of the tooth, before they become a larger issue. And our iTero intraoral scanner changes the way we make 3D digital impressions. In about three minutes, we’ll have an accurate digital scan of your mouth, without the need for gooey material, uncomfortable trays, or repeatedly trying to get a correct impression.


Give your smile a fresh, clean feeling with a professional cleaning appointment. We use Cavitron Cavi-Jet scalers to remove buildup and debris from your teeth, eliminating the formation of bacteria that cause plaque. Our hygienists are happy to discuss proper habits and techniques for maintaining a brilliant smile at home.

Periodontal Treatment

It’s not all about the teeth. Sure, they take the spotlight as the pearly whites of your smile, but it’s just as important to maintain the health of your gums if you want a really sparkling smile. Plaque buildup can lead to gingivitis and gum disease, the leading cause of adult tooth loss. We’ll monitor the health of your gums and if needed, we can fight bacteria with ARESTIN, a medication recommended for those with moderate to advanced periodontitis.

Fluoride Treatment

Are your teeth sensitive to hot and cold? Consider a fluoride treatment. Fluoride restores essential minerals to the enamel of your teeth, decreasing sensitivity and providing a barrier against decay. We offer these treatments to adults, so ask us about the advantages of fluoride at your next visit. And since it’s such an important resource for developing teeth, we recommend children receive a fluoride treatment at every visit.


If your child is an athlete, you’ll want to protect his or her developing teeth with a sports mouthguard from Under Armour. These Performance Mouthwear guards shield teeth from chipping, breaking, or being knocked out during activity. We’ll also recommend a nightguard, a customized appliance worn while you sleep, to patients who experience nighttime grinding (bruxism). This habit can cause excessive wear, and create unnecessary damage to your teeth.

Oral Sedation

If you’re nervous about a procedure, and need help to relax, we can prescribe a medication to be taken prior to your appointment when needed. This helps to calm your nerves so we can provide safe, effective treatment. And don’t worry, you’ll be awake the whole time and able to respond and understand.

Snoring Treatment

Is your significant other ready to kick you out of bed at night? If you suffer from snoring, we can help! We’ll treat your snoring with a small, comfortable oral appliance that opens your airways and allows you to breathe easier. Ask us what we can do to keep you sleeping next to the one you love.

Emergency Care

Dental emergencies are the worst. They are usually painful or awkward, and make using your mouth difficult. And maybe even worse yet, is that they never happen when it’s convenient. With that in mind, we understand dental emergencies. We’ll see you the same day, no matter how busy our office is. And that doesn’t just apply to our existing patients. Dr. LaMura may even be available after hours in some instances.

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