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Completing Cary’s Natural Smiles

What’s Best For You

Your oral health plays a large role in the way you feel overall. From general wellness, to your level of confidence, when your mouth is healthy, you feel it. At Jeffrey B. LaMura, DDS, we believe in restoring your natural teeth whenever possible, and focus our restorative dentistry options to deliver the best care for your smile. Your oral health is reliant upon your mouth functioning properly. If your smile doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, it can affect the way you eat, speak, and bite.

Appearance and Function

But it’s not all about how it works. We want you to be happy with your healthy smile, and that means making sure every restoration we complete is as close as possible to your natural teeth. We use tooth-colored materials that match the shade of your existing teeth whenever necessary, and if your natural teeth can’t be saved, we provide alternative solutions to balance the aesthetic with functionality.

Don’t worry about any of our treatments. We’ll walk you through each part of the process, whether it’s common fillings or advanced oral surgery. We’ll show you how to care for your restoration to ensure longevity, and we’ll monitor your healing.

Protect your teeth and restore your smile with dental crowns and bridges!

Make an appointment today and see which restoration is right for you!

Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

Has decay snuck in? You’re not alone. Fillings are one of the most common restorations in the dental industry. The process is fairly simple and used when a portion of the tooth has become affected by decay. After the decayed area is removed from the tooth, we use a composite material to fill the hole. Once the filling is set, you’ll have full functionality of your tooth, as you’ll be able to eat and speak like usual.


Crowns are little porcelain caps that fit over an affected tooth and structurally cover the entire tooth above the gum line. Crowns are used when a tooth is weakened due to decay, endodontic therapy, or a large filling, and are matched to the shade of your teeth to create a natural-looking restoration. Crowns can replace and strengthen severely damaged or compromised tooth surfaces as well as work as an important part of a dental bridge. In either case, we offer CEREC same-day crowns. Patients enjoy strong, custom-made ceramic crowns made and placed in one convenient visit.

Partials and Dentures

Partials and dentures are another treatment for patients who are missing teeth. Considered a more affordable option for patients, it’s important to discuss if partials or dentures are right for you. Healthy teeth may shift positions to compensate for the gap left behind when teeth are missing. Patients who have some healthy teeth remaining may benefit from a partial, as it prevents shifting, filling the gaps with ceramic prosthetics. Partials are removable, being held in place by metal framework that clasps to your natural teeth. You’ll be able to eat and talk comfortably.

Dentures replace an entire set of teeth. Don’t let your confidence falter because you’re missing teeth. Our removable dentures are secured with natural suction or adhesive, and are custom fit to ensure comfortable positioning of the restoration.


Implants are the most natural option to replace missing teeth. You have the ability to replace a single tooth or a whole series of teeth, and when taken care of properly, implants can last a lifetime. Dr. LaMura is happy to refer you to a specialist who can place your implant, a titanium post to be inserted into your jaw to act as the root of your new tooth. Once the post fuses to the bone during healing, Dr. LaMura can create a custom prosthetic restoration to bond to the new “root.” Implants function like your regular teeth and look so natural, the only thing people will notice is your beautiful smile.

Root Canal Treatment

Do the words “root canal” automatically make you cringe? Endodontic therapy, or root canal treatment, as it’s more commonly known, is the process of removing infected or diseased dental pulp in an effort to save your natural tooth. Dr. LaMura will ensure there’s nothing cringe-worthy about the process. In fact, we make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable the entire time. We perform all different types of root canals, even advanced cases like molar endodontics, right in our office.

Oral Surgery

If oral surgery is in your future, don’t fret. Whether it’s a minor extraction of a problem tooth, or a simple bone graft procedure, we keep your comfort our top priority. Relax, and get the care you need with the team you trust. We’ll ensure you are calm and comfortable during the surgery, and we’ll prepare you fully for what to expect before and after the procedure. If you require an advanced extraction, like the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, we’ll be happy to provide a referral to a specialist.


Bridges are one option for replacing missing teeth. Secured by two dental crowns as anchors on adjacent teeth, bridges use a prosthetic tooth to fill the gap left by a missing tooth or series of teeth. Crowns are placed on the healthy teeth on both sides of the gap, and secure the prosthetic in place. The restoration is seamless and natural in appearance. All of our crowns and bridges are metal-free.

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